New Test Tower

Last year we have started the construction of a new test tower. After completing new Expedition Hall in 2020, this represents another major investment in the modern history of STROS.

The top of the new test tower will reach 26 m and therefore proper foundation had to be constructed using 8,4 m deep pilons.
The test tower will be fully enclosed, measuring 10 x 26 m at the base and located on the south side of Hall H where the current outdoor test towers are erected. The new tower will be 8 m higher than the Hall H building.
The test tower will be connected to Hall H via a special rail chassis running from the production hall to the mid-level of the tower. Inside there will be an overhead crane with 10 t capacity for further manipulation. After an elevator finishes testing it will be transferred directly to the Expedition Hall using a new gate at the bottom of the tower.
We expect the new tower to be fully operational beginning 2nd half of 2022.