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The “STROS” company is the only official representative of the international company “STROS - Sedlčanské strojírny, a.s. “ in United Arab Emirates


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Rental of construction mast lifts

We offer rental of Stros mast lifts in the UAE. They are designed to lift cargo and passengers to a height of up to 350 meters. They allow to deliver equipment, tools, building materials, pipes, fittings and other objects. Structurally, they consist of a prefabricated mast, one or two cabins, an electric drive, catchers. They are controlled remotely by joystick, buttons or from the keyboard.

Stros is a Czech company that has been manufacturing lifting equipment since 1960. The mast installations produced under this brand have:

  • increased carrying capacity up to 6.7 tons;
  • high speed of the cab up to 90 meters per minute;
  • low noise level up \to 65 decibels;
  • modular type of mast that can be installed inside or outside the building;
  • the ability to mount two work platforms on one rack;
  • several security systems;
  • wide model range, which includes about 70 pieces of equipment.

Construction hoist rental is ordered for the following purposes:

  • construction and repair of roofs, walls;
  • delivery of people, materials, tools;
  • painting, plastering, finishing of facades;
  • installation of engineering systems;
  • creation of various constructions.

Our lifts

As the official representative of the Czech concern in the UAE, we offer a full range of construction mast hoists. Renting from us has the following advantages:

  • the ability to select a lift for each task: the company has over 100 pieces of equipment;
  • delivery and assembly at the customer's construction site: we will bring, install, launch;
  • cost without intermediaries' surcharges: the devices are our property;
  • warranty for replacement if technical difficulties arise;
  • rental for a short or long term up to several months.

You can rent the following lifts from us:

  • cargo and passenger lifts with closed cabins, in which it is allowed to carry passengers;
  • work platforms for light loads;
  • open cargo platforms for lifting blocks, bricks;
  • industrial console lifts for moving machines, spare parts, materials;
  • for work in explosive environments: mines, oil filling, pharmaceutical plants;
  • suspended cradles for facade work.