Main parameters
  • Maximum lifting speed:
    0-90 m/min
  • Length of one segment:
    4 000 мм
  • Trolley size:
    18 x 26 мм
  • Trolley section:
    120 мм2
12 months warranty
Lift rental
Low noise level (about 65dB)
Can be installed inside and outside the building
From design to installation
All parameters
Maximum lifting speed: 0-90 m/min
Masts S
Maximum lifting height 350 m / 1150 ft
Length of one segment 4 000 mm
Trolley size 18 x 26 mm
Trolley section 120 mm2
Work temperature 50 mm
Rated voltage от -30°C до +55°C
Rated current 480 В
Protection class against external influence 320 A

Trolley lines are used for powering of, above all, lifts with higher requirements for transport height and power consumption. Suitable for use in extreme weather conditions.

Trolley lines are formed by 4 trolleys (3 phases + 1 protective conductor). The trolleys are fixed with holders to the lift mast, and with a frame holder at the anchorage point of the mast. The maximum pitch of the holders is 1.5 m.

The lift cabin is equipped with pantographs, there are always 3 pantographs for one trolley. The total number of pantographs on the cab is 12 pcs.

Spare parts catalog is available upon request

Certificates and Documentation

ISO 9001
Industrial Elevators
Lifting Equipment
Lifts for work in explosive environment
Suspended cradles
Lift for port cranes STS