Lifts for work in explosive environment

Lifts for work in explosive environment - Ex

Special industrial lifts

Max. height: 350 m
Max. weight: 3600 kg
Speed: 90 m/min
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Lifts for work in explosive environments

Mast hoists STROS of the EX series (explosion-proof) are designed for work in hazardous environments: in oil refineries, chemical plants, in mines, offshore drilling rigs, liquefied gas terminals, pharmaceutical companies, etc. Suitable for mounting on oil rig pylons.

The equipment has the following features:

  • it complies with international directives ATEX, NEC 500, IECEx;
  • it is made of materials suitable for use in class II explosive zones;
  • it is equipped with an electric motor with additional protection;
  • all metal elements are covered with a hard paintwork material;
  • it is tested in extreme conditions;
  • standard protection mechanisms are strengthened several times;
  • the factory design of STROS EX equipment can be changed at the request of the customer.


Main parameters of explosion-proof mast type hoists:

  • can lift loads weighing from 400 kg up to 3.6 tons;
  • lifting height of up to 350 meters;
  • lifting speed of up to 90 meters per minute;
  • the dimensions of the cab are selected according to the catalog;
  • the power and parameters of the electric motor are chosen by the customer.

You can choose options with an opportunity for transporting people. Our company is the official supplier of SHTROS in the UAE. We offer lifting equipment from a Czech manufacturer at prices without intermediaries' extra charges. We will send a commercial offer and delivery terms per mail. We will also help you choose original spare parts for lifting equipment.