Suspended Platform STROS ZL 9

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Main parameters
  • Load capacity:
    742 kg
  • Length:
    9 m
  • Sections amount:
  • Sole weight:
12 months warranty
Lift rental
Low noise level (about 65dB)
Can be installed inside and outside the building
From design to installation
All parameters
Load capacity: 742 kg
Maximum lifting height 100 m
Length 9 m
Sections amount 3+3+3
Sole weight 558

Suspended cradles STROS ZL 9

Suspended platforms are a convenient and effective solution for building maintenance and repair. Using half a century of engineering experience, STROS has developed a secure modular system that allows you to quickly adapt the size and shape of the platform to your current needs. In the design and manufacture of suspended platforms, STROS focuses primarily on quality and reliability. First-class materials and components guarantee a long service life, exceptional durability and wear resistance.
Spare parts catalog is available upon request